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Aaron Baker Biography

Aaron Baker was born on November 11, 1960 in California, USA.

His Bodybuilding career began in the ’80s. As a relatively young man flashed at competitions: 1981 Junior Mr USA – AAU, Light-HeavyWeight, where he placed fifth positions.

Was married to Annika, divorced in 1999. Aaron likes to draw cartoons (he was a cartoonist). Aaron was initially with the WBF, who had the character nickname ‘Dark Angel’. He could not use the nickname ‘Batman‘ because of legal ramifications.
The WBF failed. Aaron come into the IFBB with what he considers a black eye, from a rival league which was the WBF. He left that because of that, the judges during his bodybuilding career have penalized him, thus scoring him lower than he deserved.

After the 1998 Mr. Olympia, Aaron retired from bodybuilding.
In subsequent years, has appeared in many national and international competitions. He gained the Top Ten placement in the Mr. Olympia 1995 (9th place). Aaron stopped practicing professional bodybuilding in 1998 to once again return in 2003 during the competition Ironman Pro Invitational where he took eighth place.

Aaron Baker Competitions History:

NPC 1987 USA Championships ,5th Position
IFBB 1987 North American Championships,2nd Position
IFBB 1989 North American Championships, 3rd Position
NPC 1989 Championships, 4th Position
NPC 1990 Championships,1st Position
NPC 1990 Championships,1st Position
IFBB 1993 Pittsburgh Pro ,9th Position
IFBB 1993 Night of the Champions, 12th Position
IFBB 1994 San Jose Pro,6th Position
IFBB 1994 Iron Man Pro, 3rd Position
IFBB 1994 Arnold Classic and Internationals,6th Position
IFBB 1994 Olympia ,12th Position
IFBB 1995 Florida Pro,2nd Position
IFBB 1995 Iron Man Pro,2nd Position
IFBB 1995 Arnold Classic and Internationals,6th Position
IFBB 1995 Olympia ,9th Position
IFBB 1996 Olympia ,11th Position
IFBB 1996 Grand Prix Spain,9th Position
IFBB 1996 Grand Prix Germany,10th Position
IFBB 1996 Grand Prix England,11th Position
IFBB 1996 British Grand Prix, 11th Position
IFBB 1996 Grand Prix Czech,7th Position
IFBB 1996 Grand Prix Switzerland, 6th Position
IFBB 1996 Grand Prix Russia,6th Position
IFBB 1997 Iron Man Pro ,4th Position
IFBB 1997 Arnold Classic and Internationals,9th Position
IFBB 1998 Iron Man Pro,3rd Position
IFBB 1998 Arnold Classic and internationals, 7th Position
IFBB 1998 Mr.Olympia ,14th Position
IFBB 2003 Iron Man Pro, 8th Position

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