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Andreia Brazier Official Page . Wbff World Champion 2x


My life : I workout one to two hours a day depending on my work , meetings and travel schedule . I clean my house and cook all my meals before go to work for the past 3 years .
I do not make excuses , I just find a way to organize my schedule based on my priorities . I do not have time , I make it happen .

My goals are my priority and more important than any excuses I might try the path on the way .
I started working out when I was 14 years old and Training hard is one of the best feelings for me . What I have achieved during all this years show up just by changing my eating habits and most importantly the fact ! by learning how to listen to my body and learn how it works best .

NEVER USE Steroids , Why ? It will destroy your health and future , self – confidence and you might end up addictive and crazy ! Keep that in mind! It’s never too late to became the best you can be . I can guarantee , best thing I have done in my life and health , and it’s 1000 % worth it!

Be smart , Get fit , start early.

She knows what she is talking about. As a two time WBFF World Champion , she Defines the word ; Champion . In record time , this Brazilian beauty has competed in and won four major Fitness Beauty Events .

The combination of her incredible physique , sharp muscle definition , stunning looks and personality , along with her incredible stage presence have seen repeatedly Andreia become victorious , and she ‘s hungry for more .

Her success in competitions has seen her dubbed as the New Generation Fitness Victoria’s Secret model . Andreia has inspired many people around the world to strive for and achieve a better and healthier lifestyle . From her home in Dubai , she rules over the world fit with her lifestyle consultation fitness and health company; A1Lifestyle .

Andrei has a total training experience of 20 years and a vast knowledge base in the area of physical building , toning , conditioning and shaping of the body .
Andreia has showed in many Fitness Conventions and Competitions and placed first .


First Placed Fitness Model , London , April 2012
First Placed Pro Fitness Model Wbff , Denmark , May 2012
Placed First World Champion Fitness Model Wbff Toronto , August 2012
Placed First World Champion Fitness Model Wbff Las Vegas August 2013