Arnold Schwarzenegger | The secret of perfect biceps!


Arnold Schwarzenegger Biceps ie GUNS as they were called at that time are probably best known in human history, and rightly so. The scope of the hand that was almost 56 cm was not only the largest at that time (late 60s to mid-70s), but had the most ideal form of that era. Arnold kept to two things: simplicity and brutality. Worked exercises in building of large mass and isolation exercises for biceps.

Arnold’s favorite exercise for the biceps and the mass of the first small muscle was Cheating barbell curls ie cheating standing biceps curl with rods. This mode is used even when he was a teenager. “Cheating on a standing curl is only an exercise in mass,” one said when asked. He also loved to work and biceps curl with a dumbbell incline bench at 45 degrees to ensure the maximum extension of the biceps for maximum effect.

Shock your muscles to make a great. Arnold has always believed that the body is incredibly adaptable and can be used on the same load. He knew that even if training at a very high level of intensity will cause any new gains if everything is done the same way, with the same routines every day. Arnold was advised to “shock” the hand of all the tricks: add weight, add reps and sets, speeding up the training and reduction of rest, do new exercises even invent it.

The perfect technique. To completely isolate the biceps muscle when it comes to the crease, Arnold would advise beginners to perform the movement with his back against the wall. He believed in this movement only hands need to work and that any other muscle if you join in isolating the biceps negated this effect. He also worked rotating movement of the longest range of motion. “When you work rotation must bring your arms straight up to the shoulder. If you change the line millimeter, internally or externally, taking stress off the biceps and you will not get the same results.” Arni said.

FOCUS. Be concentrated on each repetition of each set is something that Arnold was the most important! When he practiced and was maximum skocentrisan unilateral Nothing could interrupt or distract. The head had a vision of how the body wants to have and believed that this simply means thinking favors to grow more muscle. “In my mind I saw his biceps as mountains, unbelievably great, and I imagined lifting huge amounts of weights with the superhuman muscle mass” was one of Arnold’s famous sentence.

One of the famous statement of the legendary Arnold was “Put your mind into the muscle because the power of the mind can not be underestimated.” In today’s era of the great Kai Green in the power of the mind is the most important thing in bodybuilding.