Boyer Coe | Bodybuilding Legends


Boyer Coe | Bodybuilding Legends

There is no one in the world like Boyer Coe. He’s a Louisiana boy who worked his way up through small titles in the 1960s to big ones in the 1970s and 1980s, up to the World Cup, and then into masters competitions. He had a unique body, and he really knew how to pose.


Nickname: “The Ragin’ Cayun”
Born: 18. 8. 1946.
Weight: 98 kg


Boyer had a very long career, winning an unprecedented, seven titles only in 1981. Biceps was his most visible muscle groups.


AU 1965 Mr. Texas
1966 Teen Mr. America
1968 AAU Jr. Mr. America
1969 NABBA Mr. Universe
1970 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe
1971 IFBB Mr. International
1972 Pro Mr. WBBG World
1973 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe
1974 Pro Mr. WBBG World
1975 Pro Mr. WBBG World
1981 IFBB Canada Pro Cup
1981 Belgium Grand Prix
1982 Mr. Olympia 11th
1984 Mr. Olympia 13th
1994 Masters Olympia 3rd place
1995 Masters Olympia 10th