Cardio for bodybuilders | Before or after weights | Depends of the purpose


Cardio for bodybuilders

Many of us have ever wondered whether it’s better to do cardio before or after weights, as in many gyms there are still a lot of confusion on this subject.

The answer depends on the purpose of each person. There is a difference between doing cardio to lose fat to enhance sports performance and to pull down the chrono seconds.

We must take into account the muscle glycogen stores. These glycogen stores in the muscles in the wake of the financial year and are worn when reserves are at a minimum exhaustion and fatigue occurs, leading to stop the workout.

Before the weights

If the goal is to get maximum results in aerobic exercise, you should be more important this year and be a secondary muscle, it is more difficult to get good muscle if training is done without power. Therefore, it will be recommended that you first exercise is done to increase aerobic capacity and muscle training later, which will be limited by the previous effort is made. Importantly, after muscular exercise cardio can be counterproductive, because stress is caused by a lack of energy, generating cortisol, a hormone that causes muscle catabolism, ie muscle breakdown.

Lazar Angelov Running
lazar angelov running

After the weights

If so your goal is to decrease body fat and increase muscle mass, exercise with weights will be given more importance and will therefore first and cardio should be after. Being the same protagonist glycogen, because this way you can give 100% in bodybuilding and once exhausted this, the body will have no choice but to pull their reserves as an energy source, ie body fat. And thereby get a more defined physique.

It is best that the cardio workout is at a gentle pace and last approximately 20-25 minutes.

Training fasting is also a very used by people dedicated to the world of bodybuilding practice, this training requires some experience for the athlete because it can lead to dizziness, fatigue, headache, etc … as it leverages lack of food during the hours of sleep and sugar levels are low, keeping getting through fat reserves. This training is recommended to be very mild and last no more than 30 minutes to avoid muscle catabolism.

Greg Plitt Running
greg plitt running
As another alternative, you could also make a medium or intense cardio later in the day, as these glycogen stores have recovered after meals and there will be much risk for muscle breakdown, an example would be weight training in the morning and run in the afternoon or evening.

This should not be confused with the warm up before weights would not be affected because it is at an easy pace and we avoid possible injury.