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Boyer Coe | Bodybuilding Legends


Boyer Coe | Bodybuilding Legends

There is no one in the world like Boyer Coe. He’s a Louisiana boy who worked his way up through small titles in the 1960s to big ones in the 1970s and 1980s, up to the World Cup, and then into masters competitions. He had a unique body, and he really knew how to pose.


Nickname: “The Ragin’ Cayun”
Born: 18. 8. 1946.
Weight: 98 kg


Boyer had a very long career, winning an unprecedented, seven titles only in 1981. Biceps was his most visible muscle groups.


AU 1965 Mr. Texas
1966 Teen Mr. America
1968 AAU Jr. Mr. America
1969 NABBA Mr. Universe
1970 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe
1971 IFBB Mr. International
1972 Pro Mr. WBBG World
1973 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe
1974 Pro Mr. WBBG World
1975 Pro Mr. WBBG World
1981 IFBB Canada Pro Cup
1981 Belgium Grand Prix
1982 Mr. Olympia 11th
1984 Mr. Olympia 13th
1994 Masters Olympia 3rd place
1995 Masters Olympia 10th

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The biggest legs ever seen | Tom Platz


The biggest legs ever seen | Tom Platz

When you mention the name of the legendary bodybuilder Tom Platz, the first association at all, “the biggest and most developed legs ever seen.”


He was one of the contestants from the golden era of bodybuilding, and all the great men of that time, which still apply to the greatest legends of the sport, it tended to develop legs like Tom Platz.


About Tom Platz massiveness should not waste words, but real power “foundations” of this great figure was impressive. 238 kilograms in the squat for the vast majority of people is completely unthinkable. Tom Platz did it 23 times!

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Irvin Zabo Koszewski biography | Mr Abs


Irvin Zabo Koszewski biography

Nickname : “Mr.Abs”

Irvin (“Zabo”) Koszewski was born in Camden, N.J., on Aug. 20, 1924, and was a gifted athlete as a young man.

Irvin Zabo Koszewski old age picture
Irvin Zabo Koszewski old age picture

Former Muscle Beach bodybuilder noted for his impressive set of abs. Koszewski won the Amateur Athletic Union’s Mr. Pacific Coast title in 1953 and the AAU Mr. California title in ‘54 and several best abdominal titles in 30 years of bodybuilding competitions. He was the manager of Joe Gold’s gym and the World Gym in Santa Monica and was still working when he contracted pneumonia early this year and moved east to be near his daughter.

He died of pneumonia in Doylestown, Pennsylvania on March 29, 2009.

Irvin Zabo Koszewski photos
Irvin Zabo Koszewski photos

He trained consistently and constantly, friends said. And he was still working out just months before he died.


  • 1953 Mr. Los Angeles
  • 1953 Mr. California
  • 1954 Mr. California

More about Irvin “Zabo” Koszewski :

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Juan Ferrero Biography | First Mr Universe Winner 1952


Juan Ferrero Biography

First Mr Universe Winner 1952

Juan Ferrero (Puente AlmuheyLeón, 1918 – Bordeaux, 1958) was a famous Spanish bodybuilder of international stature who won the Mr. Universe Pro title in London in 1952. He was born in Spain and although he became a resident of France at the age of seven, he always showed his origin, which he boasted proudly. He died in a car accident in Bordeaux in 1958.

Early life

Juan was born as Fidel Ferrero y Colino on April 5, 1918 in the small town of Puente Almuhey, in the province of León(Spain). His father, Alfonso Ferrero, was an employee at a local charcoal factory known as Felia San Pedro.

Ferrero and his family migrated to the city of Bordeaux, France in 1925 for political reasons. As a young child, Ferrero was weak, thin and often sick. His skin tone was very dark and tan, which contrasted with the rest of his family, to the end he doubted his true parentage. In school, his skin earned him the monicker “El Negro” (the black). Years later it was a big plus for his sport, but during adolescence it caused him many problems and conflicts. He also adopted the name of Juan, the name of his grandfather with whom he had a great affection.

They remembered him often stuck in school breaks up not liking the nickname ‘The Black’ and rebel against the fact that being ‘often’ was weaker. It was an indomitable fighter.


At the age of fifteen, he became interested in gymnastics and soon he got spectacular results in other sports: 11 seconds for the 100 meters, 3.15 meters (10.3 ft) in the long jump with feet together, he could also climbed the 7 meters (23 ft) smooth rope in five seconds with legs corner. Ferrero later became dedicated to bodybuilding and in 1937 won the Best Athlete competition in Europe. In weightlifting, among other brands, he broke the world record in one arm deadlift 190 kilograms (420 lb).

On the evening of July 12, 1952 at the age of 34, Ferrero won the Mister Universe Professional title that was held at the Scala Theatre in London. The award was given by the National Amateur Bodybuilders Association (NABBA), which first held its Professional category. Despite his rise to success in sports, international admiration for his triumph was not a significant impact in Spain under Franco, because Ferrero was a migrant belonging to a non-supporting family of the regime.

After he retired from competitions, he opened a prestigious gym in France called “Institut Ferrero”, equipped with the most modern equipment at that time. He taught in the physical education, dance and acrobatics.


In 1939, he married fellow Spanish dancer Magdalena Isabel Martínez Cuadros in Bordeaux with whom he had two children, Rodolfo and Anita. Rodolfo followed his father’s footsteps, who at the age 23, became the Plus Atlete de France in 1961.


Ferrero died on June 17, 1958 in a car accident at the age of 40. He was seated next to the driver of a Renault Dauphine together with four other passengers when the car went out on a curve and overturned. Ferrero was the only dead victim of the accident, the other five were unharmed suffering only minor bruises.

Source: –

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Chris Dickerson Biography | American Bodybuilder History Info

Chris Dickerson Biography

Chris Dickerson Biography

Born: August 25, 1939
Birthplace: Montgomery, Alabama,  USA
Residence: Fort Lauderdale, Florida,  USA
Height: 5′ 6″ (170 cm)
Competition Weight: 184 lbs (83.5 kg)
Actual Weight: 195 lbs (88.5 kg)

Chris Dickerson (born Henri Christophe Dickerson on August 25, 1939 in Montgomery, Alabama), was born to Mahala Ashley Dickerson as the youngest of triplets. His family moved from Alabama to Indianapolis, Indiana when his mother re married a lawuer named Frank Beckwith. Chris traveled widely and lived in Los Angeles, Palm Springs California, New York City and now he retired in Florida.

A special mention to his father Henry Dickerson. “It was I who was named after him, given the French equivalent Henri Dickerson” says Chris. “He was a good, kind, and relatively accomplished man during these days when Black men were held back and so often the last to be hired, and the first to be fired. My father moved to Cleveland, Ohio after he and my mother divorced, and there became the Head of the Transportation Department for the Cleveland Trust Bank”.

Chris Dickerson’s career spanned 30 years and included approximately 50 contests. Over the decades, he built a dense and symmetrical physique augmented by a dramatic style of posing.
Dickerson earned third place at the 1965 Mr. Long Beach (California), his first contest; he placed fourth at the 1994 IFBB Masters Olympia, his last contest.
Two particular achievements stand out in Dickerson’s long career: in 1970, he became the first black AAU Mr. America, and by winning the IFBB Mr. Olympia in 1982, at age 43, he became the most senior winner of the sport’s most prestigious contest.
Chris was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame in 2000. Aiding Dickerson throughout his career was 1999 Hall of Famer Bill Pearl. In addition to the 1982 IFBB Mr. Olympia, Dickerson won nine other IFBB pro shows in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, making him one of the most successful competitors of all time.
Something of a Renaissance man, Dickerson studied music and is an accomplished opera singer – no wonder, then, that his posing routines were always pure theater. Dickerson lives today in a section of Fort Lauderdale, called Wilton Manors  where he continues to train at the Gold’s Gym about 4 days per week, conduct seminars, and correspond with current athletes.

Mr. & Masters Olympia Results
1979 – IFBB Mr. Olympia : 4th (LightWeight)
1980 – IFBB Mr. Olympia : 2nd
1981 – IFBB Mr. Olympia : 2nd
1982 – IFBB Mr. Olympia : 1st
1984 – IFBB Mr. Olympia : 11th
1994 – IFBB Masters Olympia : 4th

Titles Won
1966 – AAU Junior Mr USA
1966 – AAU Junior Mr USA (Most Muscular)
1966 – AAU Mr Atlantic Coast
1966 – AAU Mr New York State
1967 – AAU Mr California
1968 – AAU Mr USA
1970 – AAU Junior Mr. America
1970 – AAU Junior Mr America (Most Muscular)
1970 – AAU Mr America
1970 – AAU Mr America (Most Muscular)
1970 – NABBA Mr. Universe (Short)
1971 – NABBA Mr. Universe (Short)
1973 – WBBG Pro Mr. America
1973 – NABBA Pro Mr. Universe
1974 – NABBA Pro Mr. Universe
1979 – IFBB Canada Pro Cup
1980 – IFBB Canada Pro Cup
1980 – IFBB Florida Pro Invitational
1980 – IFBB Grand Prix California
1980 – IFBB Grand Prix Miami
1980 – IFBB Grand Prix New York
1980 – IFBB Night of Champions
1981 – IFBB Grand Prix California
1981 – IFBB Grand Prix Louisiana
1981 – IFBB Grand Prix New York
1981 – IFBB Grand Prix Washington
1981 – IFBB Night of Champions
1982 – IFBB Mr. Olympia
1994 – IFBB Olympia Masters 50+

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Sergio Oliva Biography | Cuban Bodybuilder History Info


Sergio Oliva Biograhpy

Born: July 4, 1941
Died: November 12, 2012
Birthplace: Guanabacoa, CUBA
Nickname: The Myth
Height: 5′ 10″ (178 cm)
Weight: 255 lbs (116 kg)
Arms: 20″ (51 cm)
Waist: 32″ (81 cm)
Chest: 52″ (132 cm)

Considered as the most genetically gifted bodybuilder of all time, Sergio Oliva, was the first ever African-American athlete to win the Mr. Olympia title. He was widely known for being the only bodybuilder to defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger for the Mr. Olympia title in 1969.

Of Cuban descent, Oliva was born on July 4, 1941. He fought in the Cuban Revolution as part of Batista’s army, who eventually lost to Fidel Castro. After the revolution, he spent his time on the beaches of Cuba where he met someone who invited him to join the local weightlifting club.

In just 6 months, he was making a name for himself and was soon joining competitions. He was a member of the weightlifting team of Cuba at the 1962 Central American and Caribbean Games in Kingston, Jamaica.

One night, he snuck out of the quarters, sprinted at top speed to the American consulate and demanded and asked for a political asylum, which he got. He settled in Chicago, Illinois, and never returned to his home country again. While there, he started lifting weights at the Duncan YMCA, and pretty soon the local bodybuilding community were buzzing about this Cuban powerhouse who could lift more weights than most Olympic athletes in his weight class.

By 1963, Oliva had won his first bodybuilding competition for Mr. Chicago. This began his 22-year bodybuilding career that saw him won a total of 20 1st place titles, appearances in many movies, and his stamp as a worldwide bodybuilding icon.

Oliva got the nickname “The Myth,” after bodybuilder and writer Rick Wayne called him so at the Montreal World’s Fair in 1967. People who saw Oliva were said to be in awe at the sight of his unbelievable physique.

All this time, Oliva served as a Chicago police officer in a 25-year career. He got married and fathered Sergio Oliva, Jr. who is following his father’s footsteps in competitive bodybuilding.

Sergio Oliva died on November 12, 2012 due to kidney failure at the age of 71. He will forever be remembered as a bodybuilding legend, champion, and icon.


1965 – AAU Mr America (Most Muscular)
1965 – AAU Junior Mr America (Most Muscular)
1966 – AAU Mr America (Most Muscular)
1966 – AAU Junior Mr America
1966 – IFBB Mr. World
1967 – IFBB Mr. Universe
1972 – WBBG Mr. Galaxy
1974 – WBBG Mr International Professional
1975 – WBBG Olympus
1976 – WBBG Olympus
1977 – WBBG World Championships Professional
1978 – WBBG Olympus
1980 – WABBA World Championships Professional
1980 – WABBA Pro World Cup
1981 – WABBA Pro World Cup

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Steve Reeves Biography | About Bodybuilding – Acting Career – Life


Steve Reeves Biography

Stephen L. Reeves was born in Glasgow, Montana, on January 21, 1926.

By the age of ten, Reeves and his mother had moved to Oakland, California. As he entered his teenage years the future Mr. Universe had become deeply immersed in bodybuilding magazines and bodybuilders became his heroes. In particular, the muscular John Grimek was his source of inspiration. Steve Reeves fate as a champion bodybuilder was assured.

Reeves became an avid trainer, training in a home garage gym. Eventually however, he outgrew the garage and joined Ed Yarick’s gym in Oakland. Yarick , a bodybuilder himself, tutored Steve on a regime of full body workouts three times a week and packed a mighty forty pounds of muscle onto his frame. By 1944 Reeves weighed a mighty 203 lbs and stood at a height of 6′ 1″ (185 cm).

It was also in 1944 that Reeves entered military service to fight the Japanese forces. A bout of malaria and lack of consistent training robbed him of 25 lbs of bodyweight. However after the war’s end he was stationed in Japan and resumed his regime of pushing weight and healthy eating, regaining that muscle he had lost.

At the end of his military service, Steve went back to Yaricks gym and pushed his bodyweight up even further. His eyes turned to competition. In 1946 he won the Mr. Pacific Coast competition. In 1947 he won it again and also added the Mr. America title to his trophy case. At the top of his game, Steve started to take acting lessons seeing the possibilities of his physique combined with his good looks and urbane charm.

But competition still loomed on the horizon. In 1948 he lost out to John Grimek in the NABBA Mr. Universe contest but consoled himself by winning a Mr. World title in France. In the 1949 Mr. Universe, Steve only took third place the first time he had suffered such a poor showing. Many concede that Grimek the winner did not deserve the title and that Clancy Rossin second place did not have the aesthetics possessed by Reeves.

Steve finally took the title in 1950 in a very close competition with Reg Park, idol and future mentor of A. Schwarzenegger. Steve announced his retirement from bodybuilding and devoted himself to acting.

Acting Career

He played in a number of movies through out the 1950s and through the 1960s. He tended to play powerful characters in his acting career, the most memorable of which was Hercules.


The last two decades of his life were spent in Valley Center, California, near Escondido. He bought a ranch with his savings and lived there with his second wife Aline until her death in 1989. On June 28, 1994 he married Deborah Ann Engelhorn in Moose, Montana. On May 1, 2000, Reeves died from a blood clot after having surgery two days earlier. He died in Escondido Hospital, where his second wife had also died.

Movie list:

  • Athena (1954)
  • Jail Bait (1954)
  • Hercules (1957)
  • Hercules Unchained (1959)
  • Goliath and the Barbarians (1959)
  • The Giant of Marathon (1959)
  • The Last Days of Pompeii (1959)
  • The White Warrior (1959)
  • Morgan, the Pirate (1960)
  • The Thief of Baghdad (1960)
  • The Trojan Horse (1961)
  • Duel of the Titans (1961)
  • The Slave (1962)
  • The Avenger (1962)
  • Sandokan the Great (1964) (Sandokan, the Tiger of Mompracem)
  • Pirates of Malaysia (1964) a.k.a. Sandokan, the Pirate of Malaysia, a.k.a. Pirates of the Seven Seas;
  • A Long Ride from Hell (1967)

Steve Reeves Bodybuilding Titles

  • 1946 – AAU Mr. Pacific Coast
  • 1946 – AAU Mr. Western America
  • 1947 – AAU Mr. Pacific Coast
  • 1947 – AAU Mr. America
  • 1948 – AAU Mr. Universe (Tall)
  • 1948 – Mr. World
  • 1950 – NABBA Mr. Universel

Steve Reeves Cover Photo

Steve Reeves Photo Gallery

Steve Reeves Quotes

Steve Reeves Poster

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Bill Pearl Biography | Expert Trainer Author Singer | Bodybuilder Info

bill pearl biography

Bill Pearl Biography

Bill Pearl was born on October 31,1930 in Prinevelle,Oregon.
His father name was Harold Frank Pearl who was born in 1903.His mother name was Mildred Elizabeth pasley and she was born in 1905.He was the youngest in his sibling.They were three in numbers.His brother name was Harold Pearl and sister name was Fontelle Pear.
He is an american former bodybuilder.He won many titles and awards in his bodybuilding career.His major victory,he is the winner of Mr.Universe 5 times.For the last time he was awarded in 2004.
He was named “World’s best built man of the century”.
His first contest was held in 1952.After that he competed second time in 1953 and won the title of Mr.Universe by beating Sean Connery.He announced his retirement in 1971 after competing Mr.Universe for the last time.He is the first in Bodybuilding history,who wrote books on bodybuilding.He was a great singer before and sang many songs for bodybuilding inspiration and motivation.His famous book is Getting Strong Weight training for men and women.For the first time it was sold over 350000 copies and later on that book was translated in many other languages.

Bill Pearl became a vegetarian

At the age of 39 Bill Pearl became a vegetarian.He was calling best vegetarian bodybuilder.His diet was just eggs and dairy products.

Bodybuilding titles and awards

  • 1952 Mr. San Diego, 3rd place (San Diego, California)
  • 1952 Mr. Oceanside (Oceanside, California)
  • 1953 Mr. Southern California (Los Angeles, California)
  • 1953 Mr. California (Los Angeles, California)
  • 1953 A.A.U., Mr. America (Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • 1953 N.A.B.B.A., Mr. Universe Amateur (London, England)
  • 1956 Mr. U.S.A., Professional (Los Angeles, California)
  • 1956 N.A.B.B.A., Mr. Universe, Professional, Tall Man’s Class (London, England)
  • 1961 N.A.B.B.A., Mr. Universe, Professional (London, England)
  • 1967 N.A.B.B.A., Mr. Universe, Professional (London, England)
  • 1971 N.A.B.B.A., Mr. Universe, Professional (London, England)
  • 1974 W.B.B.A., World’s Best-Built Man of the Century (New York, New York)
  • 1978 Entered into W.B.B.A., Hall of Fame (New York, New York)
  • 1978 Elected the I.F.B.B. National Chairman of the Professional Physique Judges Committee (Acapulco, Mexico)
  • 1988 Entered into Pioneers of Fitness Hall of Fame
  • 1992 Entered into Gold’s Gym Hall of Fame
  • 1994 Guest of Honor of the Association of Oldetime Barbell & Strongmen 12th Annual Reunion
  • 1994 Entered into The Joe Weider Hall of Fame
  • 1995 A.A.U. Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 1995 Oscar Heidenstam Foundation Hall of Fame
  • 1996 American Powerlifters Federation Hall of Fame
  • 1997 International Chiropractors Association Sports & Fitness Man of the Year
  • 1999 I.F.B.B. Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 2000 Spirit of Muscle Beach Award
  • 2001 World Gym Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2001 Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2002 Canadian Fitness Award for 60+ Years of Inspiration to the Industry
  • 2002 National Fitness Trade Journal Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2003 Iron Man magazine Peary & Mabel Radar Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2004 Arnold Schwarzenegger Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2006 PDI Night of Champions Lifetime Achievement Award

Bill Pearl Books:

Beyond the Universe The Bill Pearl Story
Getting in Shape 32 Workout Programs for Lifelong Fitness
Getting Back in Shape: 32 Workout Programs for Lifelong Fitness
Getting Stronger: Weight Training for Men and Women
Getting Stronger: Weight Training for Men and Women (Revised Edition)
Keys to the INNER Universe


  • “Pearls of Wisdom – Bill Pearl a Bodybuilding Legend” (DVD, 150 minutes)
  • “Bill Pearl & Dave Draper Seminar” (DVD, 75 minutes)

Bill Pearl Quotes

Bill Pearl Gallery Photos

Bill Pearl Wallpaper

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Aaron Baker Biography | IFBB Bodybuilder Profile Info | The Batman


Aaron Baker Biography

Aaron Baker was born on November 11, 1960 in California, USA.

His Bodybuilding career began in the ’80s. As a relatively young man flashed at competitions: 1981 Junior Mr USA – AAU, Light-HeavyWeight, where he placed fifth positions.

Was married to Annika, divorced in 1999. Aaron likes to draw cartoons (he was a cartoonist). Aaron was initially with the WBF, who had the character nickname ‘Dark Angel’. He could not use the nickname ‘Batman‘ because of legal ramifications.
The WBF failed. Aaron come into the IFBB with what he considers a black eye, from a rival league which was the WBF. He left that because of that, the judges during his bodybuilding career have penalized him, thus scoring him lower than he deserved.

After the 1998 Mr. Olympia, Aaron retired from bodybuilding.
In subsequent years, has appeared in many national and international competitions. He gained the Top Ten placement in the Mr. Olympia 1995 (9th place). Aaron stopped practicing professional bodybuilding in 1998 to once again return in 2003 during the competition Ironman Pro Invitational where he took eighth place.

Aaron Baker Competitions History:

NPC 1987 USA Championships ,5th Position
IFBB 1987 North American Championships,2nd Position
IFBB 1989 North American Championships, 3rd Position
NPC 1989 Championships, 4th Position
NPC 1990 Championships,1st Position
NPC 1990 Championships,1st Position
IFBB 1993 Pittsburgh Pro ,9th Position
IFBB 1993 Night of the Champions, 12th Position
IFBB 1994 San Jose Pro,6th Position
IFBB 1994 Iron Man Pro, 3rd Position
IFBB 1994 Arnold Classic and Internationals,6th Position
IFBB 1994 Olympia ,12th Position
IFBB 1995 Florida Pro,2nd Position
IFBB 1995 Iron Man Pro,2nd Position
IFBB 1995 Arnold Classic and Internationals,6th Position
IFBB 1995 Olympia ,9th Position
IFBB 1996 Olympia ,11th Position
IFBB 1996 Grand Prix Spain,9th Position
IFBB 1996 Grand Prix Germany,10th Position
IFBB 1996 Grand Prix England,11th Position
IFBB 1996 British Grand Prix, 11th Position
IFBB 1996 Grand Prix Czech,7th Position
IFBB 1996 Grand Prix Switzerland, 6th Position
IFBB 1996 Grand Prix Russia,6th Position
IFBB 1997 Iron Man Pro ,4th Position
IFBB 1997 Arnold Classic and Internationals,9th Position
IFBB 1998 Iron Man Pro,3rd Position
IFBB 1998 Arnold Classic and internationals, 7th Position
IFBB 1998 Mr.Olympia ,14th Position
IFBB 2003 Iron Man Pro, 8th Position

Aaron Baker Gallery Photos

Aaron Baker Motivation Quote

Aaron Baker Wallpaper

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Phil Heath Biography | Professional Bodybuilder | Personal Info

Phil Heath Biography

Phil Heath Biography

Phillip “Phil” Jerrod Heath (born December 18, 1979 in Seattle, Washington) is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia winner.
Phil Heath grew up in Seattle, WA and attended Rainier Beach High School, where he played shooting guard on the varsity basketball team. One of his former high school teammates, Jamal Crawford, currently plays for the Los Angeles Clippers. Heath attended the University of Denver on a full athletic scholarship. While at Denver, Heath double-majored in IT and Business Administration and played shooting guard for Denver’s Division I basketball team.

Bodybuilding career

Phil Heath entered bodybuilding in 2002. In 2005 he won the overall title at the NPC (National Physique Committee) USA Championships, earning the right to compete as an IFBB Pro. He won his first two IFBB professional events the following year: The Colorado Pro Championships and The New York Pro Championship.

In 2007, Heath placed fifth at the Arnold Classic. Although he still qualified to compete in the 2007 Mr. Olympia contest, Heath, nevertheless, decided not to enter the contest, stating that he needed additional time to improve his form. Heath then won the 2008 Iron Man show and placed second to Dexter Jackson at the 2008 Arnold Classic. In his 2008 Mr. Olympia debut, Heath finished third, becoming the first novice to place in the top three since Flex Wheeler in 1993. He was a favorite for the 2009 Mr. Olympia title, but a stomach virus caused him to arrive 6 lbs lighter than planned on the first day, and this resulted in his taking fifth place in the competition. In 2010, he took second place at the Mr. Olympia contest when Jay Cutler won his final title, but after improving the following year Heath defeated Cutler and became Mr. Olympia for 2011. In 2012, Heath successfully defended his Mr. Olympia title against Kai Greene.

Heath has been featured in many fitness and magazine articles, and has also appeared on the cover of FLEX magazine. Heath currently resides in Denver, Colorado, and trains at Armbrust Pro Gym in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Phil has released four bodybuilding DVDs: “The Gift”, “The Gift Unwrapped”, “Journey to the Olympia” and Becoming the Number 13. The latter three films were directed by Jonathan McFarlane and released by Bodybranded Films.

Competitive history

 2003 Northern Colorado State, Novice, Light-Heavyweight 1st and overall
 2003 NPC Colorado State, Light-Heavyweight, 1st
 2004 NPC Colorado State, Heavyweight, 1st and Overall
 2005 NPC Junior Nationals, HeavyWeight, 1st and Overall
 2005 NPC USA Championships, HeavyWeight, 1st and Overall
 2006 Colorado Pro Championships, 1st
 2006 New York Pro Championship, 1st
 2006 BBC Classic, 1st
 2007 Arnold Classic, 5th
 2008 IFBB Iron Man, 1st
 2008 Arnold Classic, 2nd
 2008 Mr. Olympia, 3rd
 2009 Mr. Olympia, 5th
 2010 Arnold Classic, 2nd
 2010 Mr. Olympia, 2nd
 2011 Mr. Olympia, 1st
 2011 Sheru Classic, 1st
 2012 Mr. Olympia, 1st
 2012 Sheru Classic, 1st

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Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding history | Biography of bodybuilder

Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding history

Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding history

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger  (born July 30, 1947) is an Austrian and American former professional bodybuilder, actor, businessman, investor, and politician. Schwarzenegger served two terms as the 38th Governor of California from 2003 until 2011.

Schwarzenegger began weight training at the age of 15. He won the Mr. Universe title at age 20 and went on to win the Mr. Olympia contest seven times. Schwarzenegger has remained a prominent presence in bodybuilding and has written many books and articles on the sport. Schwarzenegger gained worldwide fame as a Hollywood action film icon. He was nicknamed the “Austrian Oak” and the “Styrian Oak” in his bodybuilding days, “Arnie” during his acting career and more recently “The Governator” (a portmanteau of “Governor” and “The Terminator” – one of his best-known movie roles).

As a Republican, he was first elected on October 7, 2003, in a special recall election to replace then-Governor Gray Davis. Arnold was sworn in on November 17, 2003, to serve the remainder of Davis’s term. Schwarzenegger was then re-elected on November 7, 2006, in California’s 2006 gubernatorial election, to serve a full term as governor, defeating Democrat Phil Angelides, who was California State Treasurer at the time. Schwarzenegger was sworn in for his second term on January 5, 2007. In 2011, Schwarzenegger completed his second term as governor, and it was announced that he had separated from Maria Shriver, his wife for the last 25 years, and a member of the influential Kennedy family, as a niece of the late Democrat US President John F. Kennedy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding history

Schwarzenegger is considered among the most important figures in the history of bodybuilding, and his legacy is commemorated in the Arnold Classic annual bodybuilding competition. Schwarzenegger has remained a prominent face in the bodybuilding sport long after his retirement, in part because of his ownership of gyms and fitness magazines. He has presided over numerous contests and awards shows.

For many years, he wrote a monthly column for the bodybuilding magazines Muscle & Fitness and Flex. Shortly after being elected Governor, he was appointed executive editor of both magazines, in a largely symbolic capacity. The magazines agreed to donate $250,000 a year to the Governor’s various physical fitness initiatives. The magazine Muscle Mag International has a monthly two-page article on him, and refers to him as “The King”.

One of the first competitions he won was the Junior Mr. Europe contest in 1965. He won Mr. Europe the following year, at age 19. He would go on to compete in, and win, many bodybuilding contests. His bodybulding victories included five Mr. Universe (4 –NABBA [England], 1 – IFBB [USA]) wins, and seven Mr. Olympia wins, a record which would stand until Lee Haney won his eighth consecutive Mr. Olympia title in 1991.

Schwarzenegger official height of 6’2″ (1.88 m) has been brought into question by several articles. In his bodybuilding days in the late 1960s, he was measured to be 6’1.5″ (1.87 m), a height confirmed by his fellow bodybuilders. However, in 1988 both the Daily Mail and Time Out magazine mentioned that Schwarzenegger appeared noticeably shorter. Prior to running for Governor, Schwarzenegger’s height was once again questioned in an article by the Chicago Reader.  

As Governor, Schwarzenegger engaged in a light-hearted exchange with Assemblyman Herb Wesson over their heights. At one point Wesson made an unsuccessful attempt to, in his own words, “[s]ettle this once and for all and find out how tall he is” by using a tailor’s tape measure on the Governor. Schwarzenegger retaliated by placing a pillow stitched with the words “Need a lift?” on the five-foot-five inch (165 cm) Wesson’s chair before a negotiating session in his office. Bob Mulholland also claimed Arnold was 5’10” (1.78 m) and that he wore risers in his boots. The debate on Schwarzenegger’s height has spawned a website solely dedicated to the issue, and his page remains one of the most active on, a website which discusses the heights of celebrities. Men’s Health magazine has estimated his height at 5’10”.

Schwarzenegger continues to work out even today. When asked about his personal training during the 2011 Arnold Classic he said that he was still working out a half an hour with weights every day.

  • Competition Weight: 235 lb (107 kg) (top 250 lb (113 kg))
  • Off Season Weight: 255 lb (116 kg) (top 260 lb (118 kg))


During Arnold’s early years in bodybuilding, he also competed in several Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting contests. Arnold won two weightlifting contests in 1964 and 1965, as well as two powerlifting contests in 1966 and 1968.

In 1967, Schwarzenegger competed in and won the Munich stone-lifting contest, in which a stone weighing 508 German pounds (254 kg/560 lbs.) is lifted between the legs while standing on two foot rests.

Schwarzenegger’s goal was to become the greatest bodybuilder in the world, which meant becoming Mr. Olympia. His first attempt was in 1969, when he lost to three-time champion Sergio Oliva. However, Schwarzenegger came back in 1970 and won the competition, making him the youngest ever Mr. Olympia at the age of 23, a record he still holds to this day.

He continued his winning streak in the 1971–74 competitions. In 1975, Schwarzenegger was once again in top form, and won the title for the sixth consecutive time, beating Franco Columbu. After the 1975 Mr. Olympia contest, Schwarzenegger announced his retirement from professional bodybuilding.

Months before the 1975 Mr. Olympia contest, filmmakers George Butler and Robert Fiore persuaded Schwarzenegger to compete, in order to film his training in the bodybuilding documentary called Pumping Iron. Schwarzenegger had only three months to prepare for the competition, after losing significant weight to appear in the film Stay Hungry with Jeff Bridges. Lou Ferrigno proved not to be a threat, and a lighter-than-usual Schwarzenegger convincingly won the 1975 Mr. Olympia.

Schwarzenegger came out of retirement, however, to compete in the 1980 Mr. Olympia. Schwarzenegger was training for his role in Conan, and he got into such good shape because of the running, horseback riding and sword training, that he decided he wanted to win the Mr. Olympia contest one last time. He kept this plan a secret, in the event that a training accident would prevent his entry and cause him to lose face. Schwarzenegger had been hired to provide color commentary for network television. He announced at the eleventh hour that while he was there: “Why not compete?” Schwarzenegger ended up winning the event with only seven weeks of preparation. After being declared Mr. Olympia for a seventh time, Schwarzenegger then officially retired from competition.

Steroid use

Schwarzenegger has admitted to using performance-enhancing anabolic steroids while they were legal, writing in 1977 that “steroids were helpful to me in maintaining muscle size while on a strict diet in preparation for a contest. I did not use them for muscle growth, but rather for muscle maintenance when cutting up.” He has called the drugs “tissue building.”

In 1999, Schwarzenegger sued Dr. Willi Heepe, a German doctor who publicly predicted his early death on the basis of a link between his steroid use and his later heart problems. As the doctor had never examined him personally, Schwarzenegger collected a US$10,000 libel judgment against him in a German court. In 1999, Schwarzenegger also sued and settled with The Globe, a U.S. tabloid which had made similar predictions about the bodybuilder’s future health.


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Frank Zane Biography | Bodybuilding History | Awesome body

frank zane biography

Frank Zane (born June 28, 1942 in Kingston, Pennsylvania) is an American former professional bodybuilder and teacher.


Zane received a B.Sc (Bachelor of Science degree)  in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania in 1964. For 13 years, he taught mathematics and chemistry while living in Florida and California. Later he earned a B.A. in psychology. Finally, he was awarded a Master’s degree in Experimental Psychology from Cal State SB, California in 1990.

Bodybuilding career

Zane is a three-time Mr. Olympia (1977 to 1979). His reign represented a shift of emphasis from mass to aesthetics. Zane’s proportionate physique featured the second thinnest waistline of all the Mr. Olympias (after Sergio Oliva), with his wide shoulders making for a distinctive V-taper. He stood at 5’9″ and had a competition weight of 187-195 pounds when he won Mr Olympia (He weighed over 200 lbs when he competed in the 1960s). Zane is one of only three people who have beaten Arnold Schwarzenegger in a bodybuilding contest (1968 Mr. Universe in Miami, FL) and one of the very few Mr. Olympia winners under 200 pounds. Overall, he competed for over 20 years (retiring after the 1983 Mr Olympia contest) and won Mr America, Mr Universe, Mr World and Mr Olympia throughout his illustrious career.

He has written many courses and books about bodybuilding. In 1994, Zane was inducted into the 1st annual Joe Weider Hall of Fame. He received the Arnold Schwarzenegger lifetime achievement award at the 2003 Arnold Classic for his dedication and long-time support of the sport.

He was given the nickname “The Chemist” due to his Bachelor of Science degree and, as he puts it: “Back in the day I took a lot of supplements and tons of amino acids. Still do. But back then it was pretty unusual. That’s how I got the nickname The Chemist.” There was also a perception that his nickname was given because he was very scientific in reaching his peak on the exact day of competition, year after year.

In 1985, Frank and his wife Christine owned and operated Zane Haven in Palm Springs, CA where they conducted one-on-one sessions with clients who wished to possess a symmetrical physique. Today, the Zanes live in San Diego, CA and his learning center is now called Zane Experience.

In 2005, Frank Zane played the IFBB Announcer and worked as the consulting producer in the movie “See Arnold Run.” As of 2006, Zane currently runs his own website, appears at seminars and book signings. He still trains with weights at age 70.

In 2011 Frank Zane appeared in the documentary Challenging Impossibility (film) describing the weightlifting odyssey of spiritual teacher and peace advocate Sri Chinmoy. The film was an Official Selection of the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. Frank was in attendance.

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