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ABS Myths | Mistakes You Must Avoid | ABS training for definition

ABS Myths
ABS Myths

ABS Myths | Mistakes You Must Avoid

Here are facts from Arnold’s book

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe


Since most oft he top bodybuilders today, regardless of stature, are massively developed for their body size, the most important goal of abdominal training has become definition. This involves two things-training and developing the abdominals and reducing body fat sufficiently to reveal the muscularity underneath.

When I got into bodybuilding most competitors believed in something called spot reduction, and there are a lot of people who still think this is possible. Spot reduction refers to training a specific muscle in order to burn off fat in that particular area. According to this idea, to develop abdominal definition,  you do a lot of ab training, lots of high reps, and burn away the fat that is obscuring the development of the abdominal muscles. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work. When the body is in caloric deficit
and begins metabolizing fat for energy, it doesn’t go to an area where the muscles are doing a lot of work in order to get additional energy resources. The body has a genetically programmed pattern by which it determines from what adipose cells to access stored fat energy. Exercise does burn
calories, of course, but the abdominals are such relatively small muscles that no matter how much ab training you do you won’t metabolize nearly the energy you would by simply going for a walk for the same amount of time.
But this is not to say that training a given area like the abs doesn’t increase definition. As I said, the abdominals get a hard workout when you do heavy exercises, but what they don’t get is quality training – that is, isolation, full-range-of-movement exercises. Movements that do this bring out the full shape and separation of the abdominals instead of just
making them bigger. So although training the abs like this doesn’t do a lot to reduce the fat around the waistline, it does create very well defined muscles that are revealed once you are able to reduce your body fat sufficiently by means of diet and aerobic exercise.

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Secret to a small waist | Tips from Frank Zane


Secret to a small waist | Tips from Frank Zane

Stay Hungry Longer

by Frank Zane, Mr. Olympia 1977-79

My secret to a small waist-line is staying hungry longer. While other practices are necessary too, becoming more comfortable in the presence of hunger is the key aspect of my abdominal program. Only then can I practice diaphragm and abdominal control with stomach vacuums, which can’t be done on a full stomach.

At the first pangs of hunger, take a minute to vacuum : Bend forward at the waist with your hands on your knees and exhale the last vestiges of air from your lungs, tensing your abdominal muscles. Hold it… now instead of inhaling, suck your gut in by using your diaphragm – a powerful area of your body between the stomach and lungs. Imagine you can draw in your abs so far that they touch the spinal erector muscles of your lower back. The more you practice, the longer you can hold the full vacuum and the smaller your waistline gets.

One of the many valuable things I learned from Arnold Schwarzenegger between 1969 and 1979, when we trained together, was the urgency of practicing vacuuming the last month before competition. We always did it on an empty stomach when we were hungry. I started with stage 1 vacuuming (because it’s easier) for 20 seconds and then did the same thing with my hands behind my head for five sets of 30 seconds. This became my final pose in my posing routine – the stomach-vacuum pose. My waist got smaller and smaller because I got better at controlling the profile of my waistline..

Most people want a small, muscular waistline because the abs are the center of the body, where the eyes gravitate most readily. My way of getting this sought-after development is to stay hungry longer, vacuum and do abdominal work.

The nice thing about doing stomach vacuums is that they take only a few minutes. The rest of my body becomes more defined as all my muscles stand out in bold relief. Ab work is also important, but I found that too much ab work gave me a shore lower back. A simple, quick routine I practice is two sets of 30 reps of hanging knee raises and two sets of 30 crunches. Also, any activities that tense the abdominals – like playing a wind musical instrument or simply tensing your abs during your workout – will add to your ab development.

Vacuuming creates the opposite effect of eating a lot of food at one time, wich leaves you feeling bloated. Vacuuming at the first sensation of hunger helped me to stay hungry a little longer. I always dropped a few pounds in bodyweight the more I did this, but it seemed a fair price to pay for a small, muscular waistline. You might say that vacuuming helped me clean up my act of competition. ”

Tips for the bodybuilder entering his first contest?
Frank:Practice posing, be in as good a shape as possible. Be CONFIDENT in yourself.
Project a good IMAGE on the stage.Read some of my courses about POSING.

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How to get muscles on stomach in 5 minutes | Plank exercise


How to get muscles on stomach in 5 minutes

The muscles of the abdomen are the most powerful muscle group in the body , the main role is played by the abdominal muscles , if you have weak abdominal muscles , coordination is weak and gets tired faster .

Therefore, it is necessary to exercise this muscle group , and it is definitely not an easy task . These muscles do not respond to exercise like all other muscles , they are seen in people with low percentage of body fat , in the form of the popular ” tiles” .

In just five minutes a day performing these exercises can strengthen the abdominal wall , as well as the entire core, and generally have more power and have better coordination … look at the beach is an added bonus and perhaps the best part of the story .

See sketched instructions for performing these exercises called Plank exercises , as well as the time to stay in each location .

muscles on stomach

To get the most out of the program in each of the positions stay as long as your maximum, and therefore more than the prescribed duration .

In addition to performing these exercises the muscles of the stomach also work performed and lower back , gluteus and chest .