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Dwayne Johnson Photos

Dwayne Johnson Photos | The Rock Bodybuilding Photos

Dwayne Johnson photos in movies

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The most popular actor with muscles in this century. After Arnold he left the biggest mark on the tv screen.

The road to fame started competitions on TV as a champion WWv wrestler. His career is a lot had changed.
After small roles in films has become increasingly popular. The best known is the role in the series of films Fast and the Furious.

Pain and Gain 2013 bodybuilding motivation movie

Pain and gain 2013
Pain and gain 2013

For us here at awesome body has special significance movie “No Pain No Gain” with Mark Wahlberg. This movie will be a motivation for your hard workouts in the gym.

On the following pictures you can see what it looks like when The Rock has his serious training in the gym.

Dwayne Johnson photos while workout in gym

His roles in various films motivate the young people and adults to start with a healthy lifestyle.
Think about it, how he who travels from city to city, preparing for roles in films, maintains a healthy diet and regular workouts.

This is motivation enough for the other. All people have to work to live, but we can always find half an hour to do a physical training. Prepare yourself healthy meals.

The first step is to think healthy, after that, we’re always a step closer to an imaginary target.

We have prepared only a fraction of motivational images you can find on the Internet.

Dwayne Johnson photos we collected on web.

In next post you can see Dwayne Johnson images in full size.

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