What to eat before a workout and what to eat after workout

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What to eat before a workout and what to eat after workout

We all already very well know phrase diet is 70-80 % success in bodybuilding and fitness in general . It is not only important how much we eat , but what and when . Most people know that breakfast is the most important meal but also many do not pay attention to meals before and after training , which are extremely important for the development and regeneration of our muscles .

We’ll start eating before a workout !

Eating before a workout will determine how we will be able to practice this . Are we going to do my best and we will have to give up half of training . That is why it is very important to us and when we eat (time before training ) . The best time for a meal 1-2 hours prior to the training , depending on the speed of our metabolism . My recommendation 1 hour and 30 minutes before training .

Eating before a workout should include , to the fullest extent , carbohydrates that break down slowly and thus we ensure the supply of energy for a long time . These are carbohydrates with a low glycemic index npr.smeđa rice , sweet potatoes and of course, oatmeal , etc.

Before training can not want a rapid increase blood sugar and insulin huge growth since then followed the rapid decline. And this happens just when we start the training . Eating before training should also contain protein . It may be eggs , lean meat and chicken or turkey breast . There are experts who suggest that if the duration of our training exceeds 100 minutes , incorporate a little fat ( of course , the good ones and the unsaturated fats ) in our food before training , in order to extend a little time to absorb .

There are of course supplements that you can consume before a workout . Caffeine , nitrous oxide and blood flow stimulants such as arginate , arginine ethyl ester , arginine – ketoizokaroat creatine and of course that can be used after training .

Post workout meal !

After the training is the most important period of two hours , which is crucial to the regeneration of our muscles . After the training, the muscles are like a sponge , just absorbing nutrients , so it is very important that you eat in two hours . In my opinion , these two hours should squeeze two meals . With the training we have exhausted muscle glycogen reserves , they should be faster napuniti.To fuel muscles . If it is not enough , the muscle is not functioning optimally , ie , the muscles will start with the decomposition of protein molecules, in order to thus reach the fuel , so it will start to ‘ spend ‘ themselves . For the first meal after training, so it’s best to take a protein shake and glucose, which is very easy and convenient . Put in a shaker and your first meal after your workout is ready already in the gym .

The second installment recommend 60-70 minutes after the first.

With this meal drink a lot of water because it is a liquid supplement is still very important but the food shall be in solid form . The second post workout meal is not too different from what we eat before a workout with the fact that now we can eat more . Again, lean meat with rice , sweet potatoes and vegetables ( broccoli , cauliflower , green beans , carrots , etc. )

As for the other meals of the day and days when you do not train the same way we need to adhere to a healthy and proper diet . Eat more often as this will force your metabolism to constant work . Do not take lightly what you type in the body . Just because we are tired of the training , we will not be muscular .