Foods that will boost your metabolism and increase fat burning



Foods that will boost your metabolism and increase fat burning

While there is an element of truth in principle to maintain the weights, is actually a function of calories consumed compared to calories consumed as energy, this is not really the whole story. For example, do you know what the difference is if you drink a glass of Coca-Cola in comparison with the same amount of calories from cereal. The oatmeal provide a feeling of satiety, which gives us energy in the long run, while Coca-Cola raises insulin levels and for a very short time become more hungry than you were before you drink it. In addition, it is more likely that these empty calories settle somewhere in the region of the buttocks or thighs.

So what do you do? The answer is simple: start to feed wisely by eating foods that are considered termogenetskom. For example, some foods are believed to metabolism, ie, it naturally increases energy consumption, helping you can burn fat in the body, not to the same precipitates. And when this happens, your body turns to the existing fat deposits to meet its energy needs, helping you to get rid of those fat deposits that you cover struggled acquired muscles. In addition, some termogenetska foods have properties that go beyond the effects of burning fat. For example, some types contribute to a greater sense of satiety, some prevent those calories you consumed enter your body, while others stimulate the body to release more fat, while no metabolism. In other words, the body’s fat metabolism is a complicated process, but if you understand how food works to stimulate fat burning, then you can choose those food choices that will help your body to get rid of unwanted fat.


Cayenne pepper is right termogenetska food. When you consume it in sufficient quantity, your body temperature increases and you can actually feel the sweat. If you insert a conscious effort to eat healthy, adding peppers actually are improving your body’s ability to prevent the accumulation of fat. As these peppers contain very few calories, consumption does not add a lot more energy into your meal when you consume them in large quantities. Capsaicin, a substance that is responsible for the keen taste of some kind of pepper, the active ingredient to accelerate work to increase metabolism and fat consumption. This ingredient works by raising levels of norepinephrine, a chemical substance in the brain that accelerates the heart rate, release of glucose and blood flow to the muscles. It can also alleviate feelings of hunger, and therefore food intake.

What to do: add the chilli eggs, cream cheese, salads, meats and traditional Mexican food (if you want to boost their otherwise bitter nature). To get the best effect termogenetski hot peppers, make smart food choices, putting the emphasis on low-calorie foods such as lean meat or vegetables rich in fiber. But you should know that this termogenetski effect is not so strong to undo all too entered the calories or fats that are found in foods such as pizza or candy.


jajePokazalo that eggs promote weight loss process, that it increase the feeling of satiety and contribute to reducing consumption of calories later in the day. In one study, it was discovered that two eggs for breakfast helps reduce appetite and calorie intake in a 24-hour period compared with breakfast made of pastry with the same number of calories. Those who ate eggs lost significantly more weight and fat in the abdominal area than those who ate a bagel.
In addition, the protein in eggs contains one of the best profiles of amino acids that are found in foods, which is why this food is great for building muscle. Fats that are found in the yolk helps to slow down digestion, thereby reducing hunger and at the same time providing a large number of useful properties.

What to do: Eat two or more eggs to five days a week as part of a healthy breakfast. Also, please note that breakfast reduce your intake of carbohydrates that are quickly digested, such as biscuits, because they can lead to insulin reaction that stimulates the appetite and encourages the body to store fat.


Cinnamon helps control body fat by making a positive effect on the body’s response to insulin and helping to burn fat in the body, which represents two very desirable effect when trying to lose weight.

Firstly, cinnamon increases the flow of insulin in muscle cells, leading to greater muscle building in physically active people, but not to the deposition of fat.

Secondly, research has shown that one of the substances which are located in cinnamon stimulates reduction of body fat in that stimulates glucose combustion within the fat cells. For this reason, cinnamon extract is used in many The burner fat.

What to do: Cinnamon can eat in an arbitrary amount along with cereal or a protein shake. It would be best if all this chop and mix in a blender to make sure that everything is evenly mixed. Cinnamon will improve the taste of food, and at the same time have a double effect when it comes to burning fat.


The primary fat burner in green tea, in addition to caffeine, epigallocatechin gallate is Catechins (EGCG), which blocks the enzyme that breaks down norepinefrin.Kao we have already mentioned, this neurotransmitter is crucial for the regulation of metabolism. By stopping the breakdown of norepinephrine, green tea effectively speeds up the metabolism. The caffeine and EGCG have slightly individual effect, so that there is logic in it to take advantage of their joint effects in a healthy and delicious beverage.

What to do: green tea you can drink as much as you want, but supplements based on green tea extract are much more effective for burning fat. For those of you the best results, you should take three doses of 500 mg each day.


This classic breakfast can help reduce levels of fat because it contains carbohydrates that are slowly digested and a large amount of fiber which is required to maintain a stable level of insulin throughout the day.

In one study has found that athletes who bring a slow digesting carbs for breakfast and lunch have lower insulin levels compared with those who eat carbohydrates that are rapidly digested (such as fruit juices and the like). Higher levels of insulin helps the deposition of fat, especially if you do not train regularly.

What to do: eat a small bowl of cereal for breakfast, and to achieve better results, you can spice it up with cinnamon and eat them in combination with two eggs and a cup of black coffee.


Even if you’re not a fan of supplements, you should consider how to turn whey into your diet. One scoop of whey mixed with water provides 25 grams of protein with only 100 calories (assuming you consume whey is not enriched in carbohydrates and / or fat). Whey has many beneficial effects for those who are physically active.

Studies have shown that subjects who consumed whey generally lost more fat and more lingering muscle tissue of patients in the control group, and seem to be more likely that in this process included several mechanisms. One of the reasons why this is happening may be that whey reduces the feeling of hunger. In one study, it was revealed that the subjects who consumed a whey shake 90 minutes before they were allowed to eat a big meal, ate significantly less food than when they drank a shake based on casein. The researchers concluded that this result might be caused by the fact that whey stimulates release of the hormone cholecystokinin, which prevents hunger and glucagon like peptide-first You already know that when you overeat on an empty stomach, you can bring yourself almost to a state of coma. In addition, there is a strong potential that a diet with high protein content can create termogenetski effect. Although some of this is still fierce debate. Just do not go into extreme situations and reduce carbs and fat to a very low level.

What to do: drink whey before you go to the gym after a workout, or at any time when you feel hungry and do not have time to eat anything but fast food. Also, consider the fact that whey drink about an hour before a meal.


Coffee shop only to awaken you can, coffee can awaken and metabolism. Additionally, caffeine stimulates brain activity. Another useful function is its ability to positively impact on your physical activity in the gym. In fact, studies have shown that one cup of coffee before a workout can help to raise greater load and do a larger number of repetitions.
Coffee is one of the largest sources of antioxidants, substances that help to neutralize harmful free radicals. Caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous system, so there’s a clear termogenetski effect. However, one should know also that the body eventually gets used to a certain intake of coffee.

What to do: enjoy a cup of coffee without milk or sugar, with breakfast in the morning. One cup of coffee contains about 100 mg of caffeine. Second cup of coffee, drink about 30 minutes before you go to the gym. Not only will you better practice, but will also burn more calories. Change and caffeine intake over time to achieve even better results: coffee, drink a few months and then stop drinking the next three, four weeks to increase its effect when it again you start to drink.


Ginger root of the known properties of the reduction of inflammatory processes in the body and the prevention of nausea, can be useful in the reduction of body fat. Studies have shown that dried ginger metabolism. In addition, ginger increases the production of lactic acid in muscle tissue, which can stimulate the release of growth hormone simultaneously with increased lipolysis (ie fat burning).

What to do: eat ginger along with other foods. It is especially good with sushi.


Sometimes science proves to be true some things that were previously resembled the stories that are old grandmother talked. In fact, studies have shown that cold water can significantly speed up your metabolism, although other studies came to the assumption that termogenetski effects of cold water are not as significant as we would like.

It is assumed that the body increases the temperature of cold water and thus leads to a slight termogenskog answers, but it does not mean that the answer will be greater if you drink more water. However, the cold water can provide you with an additional effect, which is perhaps just as well. Consuming large amounts of water can also have other advantages: water keeps hydrated state, and in this way actually improves the energy level of your body. Water is essential for burning fat and it contributes to lower overall caloric intake.

What to do: drink a glass of cold water on an empty stomach three times during the day, when you first wake up in the morning, and then in between meals. Also, the water should be regularly drink with your meal, as often as possible.