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Frank Zane ABS Workout

Frank Zane ABS Workout

Basic Workout Exercises
Roman-Chair Situps
Incline Leg Raise
Cable Crunch
Seated Twist

Frank Zane had one of the best set of abs all time. His physique still inspires bodybuilders to this day.

Frank Zane’s Autumn Workout Program

• Day 1:  Back, biceps, forearms, ABS

Abs – hanging knee up, abdominal crunch, seated twist

• Day 2: ABS, thighs, calves

Abs – incline leg raise, crunches, one arm cable crunch

• Day 3: Chest, shoulders, triceps, ABS

Abs- knee up chair, crunches, seated twist .

 Frank Zane’s 4 Day Sequence for Peak Condition” involves training 3 days on, one off.

I do ab work every day 25 to 50 reps, stretching 15 seconds between sets. My goal is to keep tension in the muscle I’m working during the entire set.

Here are the parts of the interview for the magazines in which he talks about training abs..
Frank Zane Quote about his ABS Workout

When asked about how many bodybuilders don’t really train their abs as much as the magazines claim.

“Worked for me. I just went by the example of those who had been training at Gold’s Gym [in Venice] when I got there. You know, in the late ’60s Zabo Koszewski was there and he had the best abs and I figured, Well, I’ll try it. He would do 500 Roman-chair situps in the morning and 500 leg raises in the afternoon and so that’s what I did. I figured if you had great abs and you had everything else, you’d look even better, and it worked.Not only did it give me great abs, but it gave me great upper-quad separation.”

From Frank Zane 1977 Bodybuilding Seminar.

You mentioned you do 200 to 350 reps for the abs. Is that all at once?

I am not really extreme in my abs training right now. I do 100 Roman Chair Sit-ups non-stop and four sets of 25 reps on the incline leg raise. I may even add some tension sit-ups. I do this at the end of my workout session.

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