How to get muscles on stomach in 5 minutes | Plank exercise


How to get muscles on stomach in 5 minutes

The muscles of the abdomen are the most powerful muscle group in the body , the main role is played by the abdominal muscles , if you have weak abdominal muscles , coordination is weak and gets tired faster .

Therefore, it is necessary to exercise this muscle group , and it is definitely not an easy task . These muscles do not respond to exercise like all other muscles , they are seen in people with low percentage of body fat , in the form of the popular ” tiles” .

In just five minutes a day performing these exercises can strengthen the abdominal wall , as well as the entire core, and generally have more power and have better coordination … look at the beach is an added bonus and perhaps the best part of the story .

See sketched instructions for performing these exercises called Plank exercises , as well as the time to stay in each location .

muscles on stomach

To get the most out of the program in each of the positions stay as long as your maximum, and therefore more than the prescribed duration .

In addition to performing these exercises the muscles of the stomach also work performed and lower back , gluteus and chest .