Larry Scott Forearm routine 3 | Building strength and size | Routine 3

Larry Scott Forearm routine 3

Larry Scott Forearm routine 3

Building strength and size

Routine 3

Warmup – use a light weight to warm up doing 10 to 20 reps across the preacher bench in much the same manner as in exercise #1 to follow.

Exercise  1

Dumbell Preacher Bench Curl – of all the exercises for the body, this is by far my favorite. If done properly, it is poetry in motion and so pure that no one likes it because it is so exacting. If not done properly, there are better movements. To get the most benefit from the exercise, the dumbells should be fully supinated at the bottom of the movement. Notice the position of my hands at the bottom.

This exercise builds the bicep down around the area where the bicep crosses over the elbow, slides under the Bronatorteres and finally attaches to the Radius bone. Because it is so closely allied to the elbow joint, we wrist wrestling enthusiasts are interested, as we know most of the power for wrist wrestling comes through the elbow. Do 6 or 8 reps of this movement, completely extending the arms. Don’t cheat even a little at the bottom. Once at the bottom, completely supinate the palms to force the biceps to do its complete job. If you have done all your “complete movement” reps, finish off with 4 or 5 “small movement” burns at the top of the exercise. Burns are 1/4 movement reps from the top down. Go immediately to the next exercise.

Exercise 2

One Arm Lat Machine Curl – This is obviously the movement most closely approximating the actual arm wrestling procedure. Try to keep the elbow fixed and pull the wrist over and into the chest. Do 8 reps with each arm. Drop the weight and repeat for a total of 3 sets with each arm. Go immediately to the next exercise.

Exercise 3

Zottman Curl – This movement is a bit awkward at first but one of the best all around lower bicep and forearm builders there is. If a fellow only had dumbells and nothing else to work with, this is the exercise he should do. Anchor the elbow on the hip and curl the dumbells alternately, one going up while the other is going down. You may want to almost complete one arm before you begin the next if it feels best this way. Do 8 reps of each arm.

You have just completed one series on Routine 3. You may wish to do 2 or 3 series of the routine. Flavor to taste.

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