Larry Scott Forearm routine | Building strength and size | Routine 1

Larry Scott Forearm routine

Larry Scott Forearm routine

Building strength and size

Routine 1

This is my favorite of all the routines. I guess I like it because it gives me the best pump of the whole group. However, some of the fellows tell me they like Routine 3 better. It all depends on the individual. I have four different routines which I have outlined for you. Each one is excellent for building strength and size in the forearm, which is the seat of arm wrestling power.

Warm up

Light Wrist Curl – the forearms will grow if one can continue to really punish them. The main problem is intermittent gains due to injury in the wrist. As the weights get heavier and heavier, more strain is placed on the wrists. Sooner or later some unnatural pain will develop around the wrist on the palm, little finger side. Generally this can be attributed to improper warmups or wrong equipment. Don’t neglect this vitally important part of the Routine. When you are young and enthusiastic you can get away with ignoring warmups for a short while, and then, bam, you have an injury and gains go to pot. Do about 25 to 30 light reps, letting the bar roll all the way down to the end of the fingers on some of the reps. You are just trying to loosen up the joint and prepare it for the abuse it is soon going to endure. Rest just a short while (1 or 2 minutes).

Exercise 1

Heavy Wrist Curl With The Olympic Bar – thumbs under the bar. Let the weight down without extending your fingers. This is your power movement. Try to get 20 reps. The forearms require high reps to get the pump and burn required to force them to grow. After doing 20 reps, go immediately to the light barbell wrist curl.

Exercise 2

Light Wrist Curl (Barbell) – This movement is done exactly like the first, except the barbell is lowered down to the fingertips. Try to do all 20 reps down all the way. It if burns too much, do the first 10 all the way down and the last 10 just like the heavy set preceding this one. After doing 20 reps, go immediately to the curling machine.

Exercise 3

Reverse Curl On Machine – Do the movement exactly as you see my training partner Larry Inouye doing it. The bar is held in the reverse position to really attack the Brachioradialis. Do complete movements even though the middle portion is really the only time the Brachioradialis is efficient. Do one set of 6 reps and drop the weight and repeat another set; drop the weight once more and complete last set. No rest at all between sets.

Some of you sports might like to do 5 sets in this series. I personally like 5 myself, but work up to your limit. You have just completed one complete series, consisting of heavy wrist curl, light wrist curl, and “down the rack” reverse machine curl. I generally like to do about 4 or 5 series of the whole group. It it is too much for you start out with 1 or 2.

Larry Scott Forearm routine…..

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