Live stream Mr. Olympia 2015 | Bodybuidling News


Live stream Mr. Olympia 2015 | Bodybuidling News

In professional circles there are rumors, 2015, there will be no direct live streaming Mr. Olympia!

Behind the scenes, rumors abound that the IFBB Pro League canceled the agreement to the site that traditionally performs live streaming broadcast from Mr. Olympia and the Arnold Classic.

Yet we have no official information, no one knows how this will affect the future live stream with the Arnold Classic. But as things stand now live stream with Mr. Olympia still will not be.

It is possible, that the fans of the sport of bodybuilding in 2015-remain without direct live stream of this biggest event, which was immeasurable damage to this sport …

The technology is so far advanced so much, that every one expected more livestream with IFBB Pro competition … Unfortunately from one reason or another, things are going in a very wrong direction …