Mr Olympia 2014 Review


Mr Olympia 2014 Review

Judge’s decision, Mr Olympia for 2014 is Phill Heath. Why? It was he best mannequin for a bodybuilding business. It has just enough “all” that is needed to win the title. His performance (which does not mean only the performance on stage) is a calm, confident. Just as it should have a bodybuilding champion. A decent guy with no stained past is exactly what the IFBB wants to present as an ideal of bodybuilding.

Kai Greene. The first and basic detail that is missing is his past. Also, his belly all the time “thrown off” and had trouble controlling his stomach. Our past can still haunt us and this is a classic example. His conflict with Phil’s only funny, nothing more. Yet the United States is the cradle of a professional wrestler, and such things should not be surprising.

Dennis Wolf (aka The Wolf Man) – Dennis got lucky on the last Arnold Classic because the judges did not see his calves. Although he was in top form. His plan to fulfill this top form again at MR. Olympia competition was not as successful. It turns out that this is still a big bite for great Dennis.

If you are talking about serious, eye attractive and pleasant bodybuilding, we can talk about Shawn Rhoden. It represents everything that should have a Mr. Olympia. Classic and beautiful lines of musculature. Symmetry and of course the amazing form. Rhoden is a large, dense, rounded in every muscle group and has a compact, narrow waist. He was supposed to be the second!

Dexter Jackson has spent all the credit, he just lives on past glory. Realistically, there is not enough meat to match with today’s heavy weight. 212 category could be a solution but the “Blade” decided otherwise.

If you missed a live webcast recording, you can look at the attached video:

Branch Warren shamefully demoted and placed in sixth place. Great Ramy as a foreigner, as an Arab and as a man who does not speak English does not have a realistic chance of excessive, so he can be happy with his seventh place. His coach Dennis James is certainly not happy referee’s decision.

In general, we can not be satisfied with Mr Olympia which is every year more circus and less sport. Where did some real parameters of the trial? Where did the real Mr Olympia champions? And now we can all go on a jumbo pizza …


The final result:
1st Phil Heath
Second Kai Greene
3rd Shawn Rhoden
4th Dennis Wolf
5th Dexter Jackson
6th Branch Warren
7th Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elsbbiay
8th Victor Martinez
9th Steve Kuclo
10th Juan Morel
11th Johnnie Jackson
12th Roelly Winklaar
13th Fred Smalls
14th Jonathan Delarosa
15th William Bonaca
16th Fahim Ibrahim
16th Jojo Ntiforo