Nordic Pro 2014


Nordic Pro 2014

According to the results of the last few days Roelly Winklaar may be the main favorite to win, according pointing system almost guaranteed to be next year at the “O” -u …

Steve Kuclo should win first place, but the judges did not care for it. For this reason, he needed a big dose of luck or one brutal form if he wants first place. Until now, his strength failed to win Winklaar, but he might get lucky.

Ronny Rockel, meanwhile, seems to have risen from the dead and in good shape, although it has not yet achieved its best result. Nevertheless, there are chances of a top ranking because he has all the qualities to be received in the deal with anyone in the current group.

Johnnie Jackson has lately also in good shape, even in the forties can be competitive, certainly has a chance for the top fifth

Placement Robert Piotrkowicza and Alexey Lesukova at the top is much less guaranteed. Piotrkowicz must arrive with the exact, precise timed form, and Lesukov has not demonstrated that he is a true professional.

Robert Burneika still not giving up on the competition, even when no one is disputing that his place is in the ring. Or the zoo. Overall, the Nordic Pro is not the place for him.

Start list :

Vladimir Agrinskiy
Dainius Barinskas
Robert Burneika
Oleg Emelianov
Timo Honkala
Johnnie Jackson
Kiss Jenő
Steve Kuclo
Alexey Lesukov
Alexandre Nataf
Robert Piotrkowicz
Rudy Richards
Ronny Rockel
Nikitas Sotirios Manolakas
Alexey Shabunya
Mario Van Steenberghe
Roelly Winklaar