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Sergio Oliva | Mr. Olympia | Wallpapers

Born: 07/04/1941
Nickname: “The Myth”
Location: Guanabacoa, Cuba
Weight: 111 kg defined
123 kg out of season

Sergio Oliva was a member of the Cuban national team weightlifters. While the team was in Kingston, Jamaica at the Pan American Games in 1962 and Sergio took the chance and went to the United States.

First he lived in Miami, where he worked hard physical labor and 1963rd year he moved to Chicago. He works as a police officer and a weightlifting completely switched to bodybuilding. In 1966 he won the IFBB Mr. World title the same year he performed at the Mr Olympia, where Larry Scott wins.

After that Sergio with their elongated heads full of all muscle groups, and small joints, excellent symmetry and sensational mass gaining a reputation as an invincible competitor.

Oliva 1967 years wins the IFBB Mr. Universe, and three times in a row won the most prestigious title of Mr. Olympia (1967-1969).

After losing a duel with Arnold 1972 years at Mr. Olympia, Sergio is no longer competes under the auspices of the IFBB, until 1984, when he won with 43 only eighth place in the Mr Olympia.

The same placement wins next year and so ends career of a man who wore a slightly mysterious nickname “The Myth”.

Additional comments:
Sergio Oliva is still today considered for bodybuilders with the best genetics in the history of bodybuilding. With hands bigger than his head, huge breasts, small waist and great massive thighs, Oliva is the opinion of many experts in this field, was simply-unique!