Suggestions for meals before bedtime to build muscle mass


Suggestions for meals before bedtime to build muscle mass

When you train in order to put on muscle mass, then it is proper diet plan is of great importance. The way you eat during the day can contribute to or hinder your training. What are the foods that best contribute to building muscle? Should you eat something light before bedtime? In the world of fitness there is a lot of controversy about the meal before bedtime. Some say that the meal before bed is essential for building muscle mass, while others believe that this habit leads to weight gain.

The truth is somewhere in between. If you want to put on additional or maintain existing muscle mass then it is a good idea to have a meal before going to sleep, which is rich in protein. However, this is not necessarily true for those who want to lose fat.

Here are some ideas for a meal before bedtime to help you to build muscle mass:

Lowfat cheese

Lowfat cheese is one of the unavoidable foods in your diet every bodybuilder. One cup contains only 163 calories and 6 grams of carbohydrates, while it contains 28 grams of protein. It also contains large amounts of calcium, iron, selenium and vitamin A intake enough calcium to strengthen your bones, improve your cardiovascular health and promote fat loss. Low-fat diet cheese contains all the essential amino acids needed to build muscle mass. This healthy foods going well in combination with avocado, cucumber, tuna, almonds and green vegetables.

Omelet with eggs

Eggs are high in protein and amino acids. If you are hungry at night or you want something to eat quickly make yourself an omelet. You can add some mushrooms, peppers, spinach or chicken breast. Eggs are a great choice because they are rich in protein. It also contains significant amounts of copper, zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.

Casein protein

Casein is a protein that is digested slowly and that promote muscle building and fat-burning. Containing higher amounts of calcium than other types of protein and a sustained release of nutrients into the circulation. Latest research has shown that casein promotes colon health better than soy and meat. It also represents one of the best sources of protein available. Many bodybuilders consume casein shakes or casein powder used for preparing healthy meals or desserts such as pancakes and ice cream.

Greek yogurt with nuts or flax seeds

Greek yogurt is rich in probiotics and contains twice as much protein than regular yogurt. It is also thicker, creamier and tastier. Due to the large amounts of protein, Greek yogurt is a great snack. It also stimulates digestion and the longer you hold sieves. You can mix it with almonds, walnuts, flax seeds or peanut butter. This type of yogurt contains less lactose than other dairy products, making it safe for people who are not tolerant to lactose.