Top 10 Biggest Fitness Myths


1. Myth: It is possible to burn fat from a specific part of the body

Exercise can reduce the overall percentage of body fat, but it is not possible to control the melting fat from certain parts of the body. One study has shown that this is not nothing but a myth, when a group of people received ten weekly training program of one foot. Having passed anticipated period in which they made a plan, it was found that the fatty deposits on the second leg even more reduced than that of the foot that’s been trained.

2. Myth: It’s not a good idea to train on an empty stomach

The body burns calories even more when you are practicing before breakfast, then on an empty stomach, and this is confirmed by recent research. Regardless, the entry of water into the body can not be reduced.

3rd Myth: No pain no progress

Minor pain is okay and the pain of sore muscles is a great character, but when you have a strong pain all over the body, it is definitely not good. Pain in the joints and bones in any case can not occur because of the progress just because they could hide announcement violations that could greatly set back progress.

4th Myth: Always stretch before a workout

Stretching loosens the muscles and tendons, and they act less and less stable. Therefore, the classic way of stretching can actually spoil the training, and the only thing that is recommended is a way of stretching fast movements such as punches, which can prepare the tendons and joints of the efforts that await them.

5th Myth: lift more weight in order to increase

Rising higher weight, consume more calories than you need for a longer series with less weight. Women who have exercised greater lifting the weights, eight times, twice burned even more calories than women who practiced with a smaller increase weight with 13 reps. However, there is some truth to the myth, more fibers break during exercise and heal them more during holiday periods which produces an increase in the volume of muscle, but only under the condition that it brings more calories than the body spends in these tough training.

6th Myth: Exercising on exercise equipment is better than weights

Many exercise machines are designed for men, making it more difficult for women to take the right position for the exercise. In addition, the devices are designed to exercise the targeted muscle, which in turn burns a lot less calories than when you train with weights.

7th Myth: Running a bar is just as effective as running outside

Running on an uneven surface and against the wind, requires the activity of a large number of muscles, and consume more power, and it ultimately means that burns around ten percent more calories this way compared to running on the machine.

8th Myth: You do not need to train every day

Resting should be part of routine training, and not an alternative to training, which is usually prescribed by persons who are not even close to athletic build.

9th Myth: You do not need to train when you are sick

As long as the body temperature normal and while the symptoms are only a runny nose or sore throat, you can train. You need to listen to the signals of the body, when you’re not sure, then you should consult your doctor. Do not forget that the cold can be transmitted to others in the gym, and sometimes still better to take a break.

10th Myth: A lot of sweating is a sign that you are out of shape

It sounds illogical, but if you’re fit, your body starts to sweat more quickly. So people who are in extremely good shape, they are able to produce more sweat than people who are not. Each training the body becomes more efficient, just like the cooling system, sweating.