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Tristen Esco
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Tristen Esco | wallpapers

Tristen Escolastico
IFBB pro bodybuilder
Shredz athlete
Bodybuilder and Fitness model

Beast, Iron Phenom, Quiet Giant. Tristen Esco is the epitome of the new age bodybuilder. This 22 year old athlete is the definition of consistency and discipline. “I eat every 2 to 3 hours, I never skip a meal, and I’m constantly looking to improve every inch of my body.” Tristen started hardcore bodybuilding when he turned 19 and won the overall teen, novice, and middleweight class divisions. “My current goal as a body builder is to completely take over the amateur level contests in 2014, qualify for nationals, and battle it out for my pro card.”

Tristen Esco Fitness

Tristen goes into detail about what he enjoys most about his lifestyle, “I enjoy every aspect of the fitness lifestyle, I enjoy the whole dieting aspect as far as eating 6-7 meals a day in order to build my desired physique. I enjoy training like a beast in the gym and noticing drastic results in my physique through discipline, commitment and dedication.”

Tristen comes from a very humble background, and his work ethic and passion to exceed expectations has earned him an opportunity with SHREDZ. “I love this team, I think it’s a very powerful thing that we’re doing, it’s not just about bodybuilding either, its about fitness altogether, all types and forms, we’ve created a movement and a brotherhood that are special.”

Tristen has several goals in mind when it comes to the future of his bodybuilder career. “I have one goal set in my mind, and that is to become a professional bodybuilder. I will sacrifice and stop at nothing to be the best bodybuilder I can be, and inspire young kids around the world to pursue their dreams and never give up on what they hope to accomplish.” Tristen says that his followers are the fuel to his passion in the gym, and he loves the support from every single person that shows him love on all of his social media platforms. “I wake up everyday feeling honored and blessed to have such supportive fans showing so much appreciation for the sport. It’s humbling to realize that I have such a great group of fans and I thank them everyday for following my vision and journey as a bodybuilder.”

His work ethic, his humble attitude, his discipline, and his passion to better himself and those around him are what make Tristen Esco special, and one of the most influential body builders in the industry today at such a young age.

Humble strength and incredible focus make Tristen a fitness force.

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